Work Health and Safety

OHS and Risk Management is a high priority for ABR Group.

We have in place a Management System that meets the requirements of AS4801:2001 – Safety Management Systems; and the principal elements of ISO9001:2008 – Quality Management; and ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management.

Our management team works closely with HSE Management Australia in regard to measuring our performance against the requirements of our systems and contracts. Monthly auditing takes place for this purpose. All non-conformances are addressed in timely fashion. All projects are Managed at the planning stage. ABR Group conducts a project risk assessment whereby high and medium risks are identified and allocated appropriate controls. The project WHS plan is formed with this detail and JSEAs developed to reflect the safe method of work. All methods of work are reviewed should a change occur; change of task, change of plant, change conditions, change of worker, etc.

JSEA plans are developed specifically for the activities required. We work closely with the customer to ensure they are comfortable with the processes we use and are happy to use their processes if they are more established than our own. We regard this to be for the betterment for the future. Only subcontractors that are able to demonstrate WHS management within their business are considered for involvement on our projects.

The project JSEA plan is used to run the job and run it well. All subcontractors and workers are inducted into it where the expectations of them are conveyed. The plan is kept on site available to all. The plan involves toolbox talks, pre-shift briefings, safety reviews, hazard inspections and training sessions.

ABR Group also has SWMS available for all activities performed. Relevant SWMS are reviewed and JSEA’s completed prior to commencement of any project.

ABR Group has had positive feedback from our clients on our SWMS documentation. Several of ABR’s forms have been adopted and used by other companies.